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PawiePaws TOS (Terms of service)2023

The following Terms of Service apply to all customers and you must read them thoroughly.

Before making any deposit, you must agree to the terms described below:

Please do not make a deposit of any kind until all details for the fursuit are discussed and agreed on. Read and make sure to clearly understand everything below. We will be as detailed as possible with you, but once work is started, major changes may not be accepted or the final price may vary. If there are any questions or concerns regarding these Terms of Service, please contact or so all questions may be answered and concerns addressed.


These terms apply to any changes made after the deposit is made. If there are any changes as to fur choices, options added, accessories, etc. We may charge extra for the material, effort and time it could take to discuss said changes. Please be sure we have everything jotted down before making any deposit to avoid any additional charges.

Quotes (Price Estimates):

Quotes for fursuits and items will be honored up to 30 days. Quotes are given for the maximum known amount it will cost and may vary on the exchange rate from the date the percentage was given. For quotes use our website although you can also contact us in all our social media. Please try to keep all of the details talk/information within my page or telegram, messages may not be replied to on my days off. Fabric colors and materials that are not available or out of stock can delay timings, other fur colors may be chosen opon agreement to continue our work timings.

Don't be afraid to contact me. You are my customer and I am more than happy to talk to you about anything at any time as long as I am available.

We do not work with Under age customers, please refrain on contacting us if you are not above 18 years old.

Payment, refund terms and general considerations:

Your deposit for any order is nonrefundable 30% of the total value of your order. This down payment does not get any item made, or is used for materials, it is firstly to hold your place in our queue and cover the first hours of our time working with you. No tangible objects, goods or service will be exchanged for a nonrefundable down payment.

refunds can take from 1 month  to 3 months until your spot has been sold.

Payment methods we accept are:

Western Union, Bank of America and PayPal for international customers, for Mexico PayPal or credit card or bank deposit. We reserve the right to cancel a commission without deposit refund for all or any of the following reasons:

1) Harassment of any kind, constant messaging or sending people to look on your behalf, going to our workplace without consent.  warnings will be given and upon third warning commission will be canceled.

2) Defamatory remarks which do not include opinions based on product reviews.

3) Discrimination or discriminating remarks directed at us individually or in general.

4)  Being under age and lying about it


If the product has not been started and you find that you may not be able to complete all payments by the agreed upon date, please let us know through any of our social media, we will always contact you to let you know that we are about to start your product and periodic updates will be provided.


 over the first updates please make sure everything is in order and if a mistake is found please make it clear with us, do not hesitate to tell us, we rather correct said mistake on the early stages of construction than when its almost done, we reserve the option of not modifying said mistake if the project is too advanced.

Be sure the reference provided is a 3 sided DIGITAL reference without shades and if there are markings or difficult shapes there must be a high quality close up or another reference of said parts. We are not responsible for reference misunderstandings so please if anything is different make it clear beforehand, if the reference is not understandable and takes more time than the normal amount then an extra fee may be added. Once the product is cut or all sewn in, any changes will be charged depending on the time it is dedicated to correct it unless we were the ones to make the mistake. If Pawie Paws has completed your commission and you have not contacted us to make arrangements and 3 months have passed since the completion time of your product, you give Pawie Paws the right to sell your product to a third party. In doing so you also forfeit your deposit.


Please contact Pawie Paws via e-mail with any questions. Should there be any special requests such as completion date, special pieces, custom run colors then please indicate with the inquiry or via e-mail. We will respond as soon as possible business hours unless specified vacation has been posted. It is our policy to respond as soon as possible.

 If a payment plan is required  and you miss the scheduled date of payment, then we reserve the right to cancel your order. We do offer a 5 to 10 day grace period before considering it late. Should you miss a payment, you have five 5 calendar days to contact us so we can make arrangements, in case a payment is missed over a time lapse longer than what was agreed and the 10 days have passed  a %5 extra fee will be added to the amount of said payment every 10 days after missing the agreed deadline for the deposit. All transactions conducted via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card are subject to an additional 5-10% fee per transaction for processing payment. The warranty provided is for the quality of the product for any defects. If any defects are found in quality of workmanship, we will pay for all shipping costs provided that the "defect" has been determined to be with workmanship. We do not guarantee this for normal wear and tear or improper use.

If normal wear and tear are assessed upon receipt, we reserve the right to charge for shipping and repair costs. Please contact us before returning. If the suit is received and the suit was altered from the original product, shipping and repair costs will be assessed. Any alterations to your suit without written consent from Pawie Paws will void your warranty. Improper care of any product does not constitute a defect. Pawie paws is not responsible for misplaced, lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise due to shipping; however, insurance is paid with shipping for total cost and a signature is required for receipt. The final product will be delivered until the item is finished, weighted shipping payment are received.

International Customers (outside of Mexico)

Shipping outside of Mexico can range from $100-$400 USD or more so please be prepared for the shipping costs. Because we do not know the exact shipping cost until your project is boxed up, it will be due at that point (It cannot be paid for in advance). You may also incur customs fees which range from 5%-20% of the project's value. This is something we have no control over.

I agree I have read Pawie Paws TOS and understand everything stated above

All questions should be directed to the following email:


We do not allow our pets near our worshop but if you feel we should take extra precautions due to very extreme allergies feel free to mention that.


  A digital signature can be added to extra guarantee you understood and approved our TOS

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