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Fursuits made in Mexico

Back in 2010 I decided to create my very first fursuit. This was before I had ever even heard of the furry fandom! I just loved wolves and wanted to turn into one. I would upload videos to youtube of me in my suit having fun at parks and other public places. After a while after people started reaching out to me asking me to bring their characters to life. 

yvette pawie paws logo_reducido color fo

Pawie Paws

Fursuits are expensive and finding the right maker can be hard. When I created Pawie Paws I wanted to make fursuits more accessible to my friends. My goal was simple: to make good fursuits at an affordable price that everyone can enjoy!

Passion and Artistry above all else!

When I first started making fursuits I started getting to know my customers, their lives their interests. Naturally many of them became my friends. I found myself not just creating fursuits but pouring my heart and soul into them. 


Seeing the joy that my creations bring to others fuels my  creativity and is something I cherish. I know just how special these suits are to their future owners and I try my best to make them happy with the whole process from start to end.

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